Sissi The Cat’s Way Of Playing Is Hard To Understand, How She Does It? Watch This…

Staying calm seems to be a vocabulary to most kittens. There are always on the move and love playing with almost anything that comes on their way. There are times when their play brings moments of joy and there are times when it’s completely annoying.

Take for instance what Sissi the cat is doing within this video. She keeps on going to the store and every time she does that, she comes out with some toilet paper. You will be amazed when you discover why she keeps on doing it. May be it’s her way of ensuring her owners are always busy!

What if you had such a messy cat at home? Do you think it’s great to let a cat play irrespective of the mess it’s causing or you must come up with a way of stopping it? The cat within this video seems to love playing with a toilet paper so much – what are some of the things which you have come across that cats love playing with?

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