Stray Cat Surprises A Woman Who Decided To Feed Them, It’s So Adorable!

One kind woman was surprised by a stray cat which she had decided to feed. The young woman had started feeding all stray cats in the neighborhood and then out of nowhere a tiny kitten appeared in front of her door.

The tiny cat was brought by one of the homeless cats she had been feeding. From the look of things, the cat had seen the home was a safe place to leave the kitten. Without wasting time, a bed was set up for the kitten and her mama. Surprisingly, the cat mom was not interested with the offer.

A few days later, the kitty’s mom left and never came back. That is how the cat found itself with a new caring family and in safe hands. It was such a cute cat that anyone will be touched to see around. He saw taken to the vet for inspection and is being given the care he deserves. They finally called him Floofy and you can learn more about him by watching the clip below.

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