The Abandoned Dog Was Not Ready To Give Them A Chance… Watch What They Did!

It’s never enjoyable watching videos where terrified and lonely dogs are being featured. The video below is about that but it has one of those endings which you will not dare miss. The dog which you’re meeting was abandoned by his owner and out of panic it had crawled into some government property. When Hope For Paws was alerted, they immediately sprang into action.

When they arrived at the scene, the dog what too afraid to fall for any of their tricks. That meant their rescue mission was to take a lot of time before it could be accomplished since it required them to use a number of tricks before the dog could be fully convinced – the entire breathtaking rescue mission is covered in the video below.

Finally they managed to rescue the dog and they named him Bunny. Since then, they have been able to give the pit bull the much needed care and love. By the time this video was being posted online, Bunny was in a perfect health condition and was ready to be adopted.

This is one of those stories that make me support those who want laws be enacted so as to deal with those who abandon pets. What do you think of the idea? Please SHARE!

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