The Dog Was Scared Of Everyone, But When Stephanie Started Singing, The Unlikely Happened

Fletcher, a mistreated dog, was shaking without control when he arrived in Chicago City shelter. The dog had scars all over his body and for him; there was no one he could trust. Below is the video of the dog while at the shelter.

When Fletcher was first taken in by Stephanie Paluch, he couldn’t go out of the shelter because he was frightened. For him, this was the first place that provided him with food, a place to stay, love and water. Would you judge him for being scared?

When they were on the riding home, Stephanie made an attempted that worked against his expectations.  He started singing for Fletcher so as us to make him calm and to his surprise, it worked.

When Stephanie saw that the dog relaxed, he continued. Fletcher, who is now at his new home, has a surrogate mother. However, it will take time and a lot of effort to gain his trust again. Stephanie’s says his only objective is to ensure he puts a long lasting smile on the face of Fletcher and when he regains both mentally and physically, he will give him up for adoption.

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