The Kind Of Relationship That These Two Enjoy Will Have You Wishing! Watch Out!

A man and his dog can be best friends, and most of the times the dog’s goofy behaviors are more of adorable than annoying.

Roy Field lives in Hudson Oaks, TX, and he has a dog named Bodie. Now, Bodie is a one-year-old Great Dane who loves his owner, and the two have always cuddled up on the couch before they call it a night.

One thing for sure, is that this particular canine is full of surprises, and you’ll understand when you hear what he did one day.

Now, it so happens that on this good day, Bodie is in no mood to do cuddles. He wants to play, and Roy has no choice but to do the dog’s binding. The dog even begs for hugs and tickles from the owner!

I have to admit that this is just the kind of dog I would love to keep in my house. It’s just so adorable, and I had to watch this clip a few more times to accept the fact that the Great Dane doesn’t live with me.

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