There Is Something Magical About Dogs – How About This?!!!

Many people like watching TV to update themselves with the current news and the various shows. But also, there exists commercials that do educate us on many things about life. The Thailand made commercial you are about to see in the clip below, will make you shed tears unwillingly. To all dog lovers, this commercial will surely amaze you in a special manner. It has managed to go viral on YouTube since it was posted less than a month ago. Until now, two million people have viewed it.

The Krungthai Bank commercial narrates a tale of how a young lady turned to become a veterinarian. Back in the days when she was a young child, Olieng, the neighbor’s dog used to scare the hell out of her. Her thought by that time was that the dog was malicious, but what actually Olieng was doing was that he was protecting his owner who was an elderly lady living alone. Then it came a time when the old lady fell sick and she was taken away to hospital with a stretcher. The little girl would pass by the dog every day and see how the inconsolable dog kept waiting for his owner to appear. The loneliness made Olieng to be stressed up and lose appetite. This touched the girl and she began bringing him some food. After some days, the dog and the girl became best friends and she ends up adopting him.

Olieng started waiting for the girl to alight from the train from school. Then there came a day that the dog never appeared to wait for her. What had happened is…

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