These Horses Were Surely Going To Die Freezing Out There, Then A Miracle Happened!

River Shanno is in Ireland, and when it floods, it ends up covering the Ballymacegan Island too. At one time, the flooding happened, and 7 horses weren’t so lucky.

The water level was rising fast, the horses couldn’t make it to the shores without guidance, and their owner had no way of saving them. That’s when some good people stepped in to overturn the situation. They are the Athlone Sub Aqua Club, and they know how to deal with such stuff!

They had a rescue boat and divers in dry swimsuits. The divers would guide the horses from the middle of the Island all the way to the Galway shore. In time, all the horses made it to the mainland. They were then taken in for medical check-ups and put in warm stables. They’re okay now, all safe and happy. Great!

The whole rescue mission was captured on video, and you’re going to have quite a nice time witnessing this epic rescue. It’s just perfect. These guys are the best!

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