These Naughty Pandas Decided The Workers Were Going To Have A Hard Time. Watch Their Ideas!

Pandas are one of the most adorable wild animals. They had to be sent to zoos to ensure that they do not become extinct. This is after they were classified as endangered species. That is however about to change going by the hard work that most zoo keepers have managed to do over the years. The zoo workers work on a daily basis to make sure that pandas are well fed, sleep and live in a clean environment.

In the video below, the zoo keeper was doing the usual cleaning. The leaves must not accumulate because that would lead to rotting of the leaves when it rains. The rotten leaves harbor bacteria which can cause infections. However, the pandas decided that on this day they were not going to let her do the cleaning in peace. They wanted to play with the trash bin, the broom, and pan.

We know it’s difficult for the worker, but they are so adorable to watch as they play. It is one of those moments that you will not love to experience but awesome to watch from any angle to look at it.

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