They Came To Rescue Him. Now Watch His Reaction When He Finally Sees Them, Inspiring!

I’m still of the opinion that pets shouldn’t be abandoned. I still find it hard to understand why someone would opt to just dump their pet on the streets instead of just surrendering them for adoption by a more loving owner. Why are people so cruel? It’s beyond my words!

Now here’s this lovely dog abandoned in an industrial neighborhood. Hendrix had no family, not even friends. He only managed to survive in that dangerous area by mere grace, but things were to taka a good turn when the good guys finally showed up.

The guys from Hope For Paws got a call and stepped in to save poor Hendrix. At first the little one was reluctant to give in and go with them. You know, he had been used to living in this dangerous area, so he always took every invite with a pinch of salt. But Hendrix is a smart cute dog, so he knows how to access situations and finally manage to decide whether it’s dangerous or not. After running around trying to do his math for a while, the cutie finally decided. These are the good guys. Now watch his next move as they get to him. Epic!

This stole my heart. Please watch and SHARE!

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