They Have A Date Every Morning, And This Is How It Always Goes. Incredible!

It’s undisputable that a dog is man’s best friend, but it still leaves you wondering if it’s the same for a woman.

Turns out that dogs don’t really care if it’s a man or a woman. You just have to smile at the animal and forge a bond, and that’s all. And that’s not a bluff.

There’s something in this video that’ll make you love the canines. You see, this cool dog has something it waits for every day, and you’ll find the animal sitting on the stairs of the front door every good morning waiting for someone he likes to have a chat with.

It’s the mailwoman. This dog’s job is waiting for the lady each passing day and running to her for the daily paper, and it never misses a day. The mail-lady, being a nice lady, has creating a very comforting “working relationship” with the animal, so well that the dog even recognizes the sound of her motor long before it beats the corner!

Just as the lady makes the dog’s happy day, she gets the same from having to interact with such an adorable creature. Watch this and SHARE!

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