This Adorable Footage Will Prove To You That Dogs And Tigers Can Be Best Friends!

If we’re anything close to alike, then you’ve most probably visited some place with wild animals – It may be a zoo or something like that. You’ll agree that you’re always reminded one rule to keep: Don’t even think of getting between a mom and her kid. Things could turn ugly. Well, that’s not really strange, considering how even we humans could fight tooth and nail to protect our young ones.

Now, what happens when you get two animal species that everyone believes are enemies, and then you go ahead and let them grow up together? Sounds crazy, but you’ll love the results of what’s happening at the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger at Senec, Slovakia. Here, dogs and tigers are best friends, and that’s really interesting!

The two species are raised together from an early age, so that none of them ever notices the difference between them. As far as the small tigers are concerned, the big dogs are just other big tigers, and they’re all friends.

Watch this video and witness the friendly interaction between tigers and dogs, and you’ll be so impressed that you’ll want to SHARE this with all your buddies on Facebook. Do it!

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