This Cat Was Introduced To The Ferrets, What Followed Was Quite Unexpected!

One of the hardest things to do is introducing a new pet to the ones already in the family. If the introduction is not done correctly, it may backfire and cause some instability within the family. The family in this video was introducing a cat to a family of ferrets. They were a bit nervous when they started doing it but the adorable response they got was quite unexpected.

Ned the cat immediately joined the new family and within a short time they started bonding positively. After a short time, they became friends and at the moment they’re quite inseparable. The ferrets are so used to Ned and from time to time he’s seen giving them a bath and they also love snuggling together.

When the introduction took place, Ned was very young – she was only a few weeks into this world. This video features one of those adorable moments where the family is enjoying being near each other.

I always wonder how animals can manage to relate so adorably something that humans can fail to do in most cases. I hope this video touched you and made you learn some lesson.

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