This Cockatoo Wants To Join The Kitty Gang. His Debut Will Put You On The Floor!


Imagine yourself on the verge of meeting a group of strangers who happen to have nothing in common with you. But since you’re the only one of your kind around, and you hate boredom, you want to join these strangers and have some good times. For that to happen, you’ll have to impress these “people” by embracing their culture. And what better trick to use than to make an attempt at striking a conversation with them?

Well, this cool cockatoo seems to get the point. When he comes across a group of cats, he wants to join them in the fun, but the fact that he’s a cockatoo and these are cats threatens to impede his plans, so he decides to “improvise.”

Watch as the cute creature makes an impressive attempt to speak the cat language. The cats are obviously amused by this strange development, and they’re very keen to understand just what this new friend wants to put across. Now watch as the cockatoo tries various ways to make his point. Hilarious!

This is just too funny. Watch the full clip and laugh your heart out. Also drop us comment and SHARE the video on Facebook. Great!

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