This Dog Is Very Much At War With The One Object That’ll Have You Giggling. I Can’t Stop!

Ask around, and people will tell you something about animals. The creatures can get scared of just about anything that they don’t understand. But dogs have been known to be one of the most cautious of all animals.

To be fair, we humans love it when we bump into any one of these creatures acting silly, and that’s what led to this guy even putting his lovely boxer on tape. The dog is a cute one, but it’s what he’s up on this occasion that’ll really crack you up.

So the boxer spots a feather floating in the air near the window, and there and then, he appoints himself to the noble position of the ultimate investigator. He has to know what’s going on here. The feather’s ‘actions’ fit the profile of an aggressor, and the dog loves his family so much that he’d do anything to protect them.

What happens next and how the cute canine finally ‘subdues’ the enemy has even the good owner laughing their hearts out. This is too funny!

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