This Dog Will Do Anything To Keep The Owner’s Attention On Itself. See The Tricks She Comes Up With. I’m Down!

As kids, we’re taught that we shouldn’t fight for attention. We’re taught to give others their chance and learn to share the spotlight whenever we can. But it seems like some animals don’t really mind creating a fuss out of any situation that threatens to “rob” them of their owners’ attention, and the situation gets even more fluid when cuddles are at stake.

In this cool clip, you get to watch the classic example of an animal not willing to let any cuddle slip away to anyone’s direction, not even to a sibling!

Here’re some two dogs on the owner’s bed, and all they want at this time are just cuddles, so the good owner has no choice but to give in to their demands. He gives each some lovely cuddles, but it seems that one of these creatures isn’t happy about the fact that it’s sharing the cuddles with the other, so she takes steps to stem the “annoyance.” This put me on the floor.

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Source: Jealous dog demands more attention by Michellemp on Rumble

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