This Feline Decided To Turn A Hula Hoop Into A Toy. Awesome!

We both know that, by this time, no one has to be reminded about just how curious cats can be.  In fact, that’s not the only thing to keep in mind about felines. As a result of their curiosity, a cat can end up finding out lots of stuff and even getting more creative in the process.

That’s exactly what happens in this video. Here’s a cat, and then there’s this hula poop that humans just happened to forget on the ground. While snooping around, the cat discovers the hula hoop and immediately hatches a plan. Brilliant!

If you thought the cat wouldn’t find a way to use the hula hoop in his fun moments? You’re so wrong. Click on this video and get wowed as this little being turns out much smarter than you expected. He even decides to try to change the hula poop’s angle!

From what you can see here, this cat doesn’t need any more toys. Just get him a hula poop, and he’s all sorted!

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