This Homeless Old Pup Reminds Grandpa About Something, No wonder He Cries!

John, an 82-year-old grandpa experienced one of the most heartbreaking moments of his life. Swift, his English springer spaniel died. Jodie, his granddaughter who is 21 years of age decided to do something about it.
When the death occurred, John and his wife Shirley were at hospital since they had suffered a blood infection. Swift is the 8th English springer that John has lived with in his life.

Jodie revealed that her grandfather used to spend all the time with swift and was not even ready to return home when he heard about the death. The incident made her to feel useless and made the decision of finding him another dog. She was not going to stop until she had fulfilled that.

When most of the shelters inquired about the age of her grandfather, they were unwilling to help. After some time, she visited the English Springer Spaniel Welfare where she met a 10-year –old rescue dog named Fly. She believed she perfectly matched what she was looking for.

Fly’s previous owner had neglected him and was severely underweight at that time.
It was overwhelming when Jodie handed her grandfather Fly’s photo with a special message written on it. You have to watch and see how he reacted seconds later since he did not realize immediately what was happening.

At the moment, the two are good friends and nothing can separate them from each other.

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