This Horse Has A Toy To Play With. He Does The Cutest Thing Ever! Must Watch!

They say, “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy,” that’s exactly what Cruz the horse has just discovered. The 4-months old colt is around his best friend (the Green Ball) and does what will make you smile all through when watching the clip below. The video is full of cuteness and it’s my first time to watch something like that.

Never again think that it’s only human kids who need toys to play with. Cruz has just shown you that even animals love to play and will do it adorably when provided with the right toys. I wish you’ve seen how slim and fit the pony is – do you think the fat and obese ones should be ashamed of their condition? Well, I suppose you have the right answer in your mind.

I suppose Cruz is doing this in preparation for a long nap but all in all his exercising routine is worth to watch. It was revealed by Cruz’s owner that his last “pounce off” did not hurt him and after a few moments, he went back to his play and did it until the ball was flat.

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