This Horse Is A True Master In Escaping. See What He’s Doing With The Latches!

Do you have an animal, like a horse, that just won’t stay in their residence? Well, this horse here isn’t so pleased by the feeling of being enclosed in a stall, so he comes up with his own methods to foster freedom.

You see, some horses are masters when it comes to hatching plots to escape from their enclosures, and this one here happens to be the best of all. When he’s locked up in his paddock, this creature strolls around the barn, putting together an elaborate escape plan that ultimately sees him stepping outside and having fun in the fields.  Even more intriguing is the fact that he doesn’t just unlock the latches for himself. When he succeeds to unlock his, he goes around helping his friends too!

This one here is a genius in this, and you’ll love just how smartly he’s working the latch here. However, if you’ve such an animal, it’s advisable that you use different latches to reduce the chances of escape for the horse. He could get hurt out there, you know.

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