This Is What Happens When A Tiny Kitty Decides To Use The Closet. So Incredible!

We recently featured the cat elevator and the Fast Cat Wheel. Now, you need to forget all that because one Aleya Cunningham, a YouTube user, has brought us something hotter! And it all boils down to leisure-loving felines.

In her closet, this lady had a hanging organizer set up. When she came back, her little cats had chosen the shelf units as their perfect play-grounds. Amazed, Cunningham named the units “Kitten Kondos,” and the kitties seem to really have a lot of fun and get a bit mischievous in them.

These felines have their own comfy sections with warm beds and good blankets, but they nevertheless want to test out their owner’s new accessories. After watching this video, you’ll nod to the fact that a cat can actually enjoy its life anywhere.

These kittens will give you a good chuckle, and you might feel like watching them for a long time just for the amusement they bring. Although this video lasts just 47-seconds, what you get from is something you couldn’t get anywhere else, with all these little furry friends doing what makes you smile! I just couldn’t get my fill!

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