This Kitten Can’t Be Left Behind When Her Owner Taps Her Foot To Some Rhythm. WOW!

The kitten stands up when the music is turned on. When mom is ready to start the dance, the kitten looks at her and observes exactly what she does. What the kitten does next is so cute and adorable. The kitten starts to dance to the music as well, while standing. It’s the cutest thing that you will ever see a kitten do at home.

The kitten maybe attacking the foot, that is it what might appear to some. It might also be seriously dancing to the music as mom dances along with it. The kitten could also be playing with mom, not knowing that she is actually dancing to the music instead of playing with it. After all, kittens have been around with us for millennia, maybe they are just used to our habits of poking fun at them.

Whatever might be happening to it, we can’t be sure for real. But what is evident is that the kitten is happy, and what she is doing is so amazing to watch. Take this moment and share with friends this awesome moments. See if you can do the same at home with your kitten.

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