This Small Dog Just Put Two Giants To Real Shame. I Had To Replay This!

You’ve a big dog, may be a Great Dane, and then you’ve a small one. You might be tempted to believe that the small canine is inferior in strength and agility, but you could be missing something. This video will prove it to you in a big way!

You know, there’s something about small dogs that makes them have some real “balls,” unlike the big ones that just lazy around and not do much. You can be certain that when a little canine puts its mind into something, it’ll ace it!

The evidence is right here in this video. Here, we’ve 2 big dogs having a tug-of-war. They seem to match each other’s strength, but things change very fast when this small one decides to join the fight. Just after one of the biggies gets out, the other one is run down by the small dog!

It seems and even sounds all fictional until you actually see it, and that’s why you want to watch this video and witness this strange incident. If this shocks you, then drop us a comment and SHARE the clip with your buddies on Facebook!

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