Thrilling Budweiser Videos That’ll Leave You Begging For More. I Love This!

If there’s one thing most people always look forward to during the Super Bowl or any other major event, it’s the captivating ads that keep popping up. Well, the best of these ads are those presented by horses. Ever heard of the Budweiser Clydesdales? You can’t say no!

Now, these ads basically involve some really smart horses doing various interesting stuff that makes the viewer want to keep watching. These creatures can really do some magic!

Robin Wiltshire, together with his lovely wife, Kate, is the mastermind behind the intensive and focused training of these horses to perform various tricks needed in filming the ads. In this clip, you get to enjoy a rare glimpse of what it really takes to do all this and the behind-the-scenes environment involved in working with these horses. Warning: You’re bound to fall in love with this!

Watch the various scenes as the horses get to work and deliver their most compelling performances. I just love that part where they want to play soccer. He tells them to line up, then one of them steps out front and takes the ball by the foot. Awesome!

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