Watch This Cute Bunny As He Meets His New Unlikely Friends. So Adorable!

We have come across many videos of unlikely friends hooking up to have a chat or even play a game, but this one will blow your mind.

If you never thought an herbivore and a carnivore can have a relationship, you might want to change flags after this, because this bunny and his new cat friends will put your notions on the wrong side of truth.

This cat owner happened to get a chance to pet sit their mom’s bunny, and then they came up with a cool idea of introducing good Henio to their feline creatures. The owner was cautious enough to supervise the “hook-up” as the bunny was let out of the cage to exchange niceties with the two cute felines.

At first, the felines had their doubts regarding this strange fellow as they tried to figure out just how to go about the meeting. However, the cats love meeting other animals, and the meeting soon developed into a cool tournament as the two animal species played together.

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