What’s That On The Plane’s Wing? Unbelievable!

Some pet animals, especially cats, can really pull off some stunts. This one did what has never been done before, and it’s trending for it!

RomainJantot pilots a small airplane, and on this occasion, they took off with his passenger as usual. Then something happened.

On the left wing of the plane, Romain saw a cat,and you can tell from the expression of his face at the 0:37 mark that he was quite taken aback by this. He just couldn’t believe that he had an unexpected passenger on the plane.

Romain landed the plane cautiously and helped the cat get off the wing. Nobody knows how the feline got there. In fact, as he puts it, Romain doesn’t have a clue whether the cute animal got in before the flight was checked or when he was getting in.

This video is just great, it’s been shared thousands of times and got over1.2 million views since it was uploaded.

We at TheMeowPost.comlike the fact that the cute cat was landed and rescued safely. It’s not every day that something like that happens. In fact, this incident is quite unique as it has never happened before. Watch and SHARE this great video.

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