When This Kitten Was Grabbed By The Neck, I Missed A Beat, Then… Unbelievable!

No matter how boring your day is, you will always find something to smile about when you return home to your pets. Their list of adorable moments seems to be endless and it is all you need to get entertained. Talking of pets, there are those who prefer dogs, cats, parrots and many others – it all depends on what one likes in a particular pet.

In the video below, we are being subjected into an adorable by one Siamese kitten and a huge husky. We first see the kitten toddling and meowing towards the camera in a cute manner. Out of nowhere, a huge husky approaches the tiny kitty and grabs her using her big jaws.

I feared the worst when I first watched this clip, but I was wrong – the husky has taken the responsibility of being the kitten’s sweet caretaker. Like a mother, she was ensuring that the kitten is within a safe distance.

You need to watch the incredible moment below and appreciate the many wonders which exist in the animal world.

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