Who Can Guess What Tune This Puppy Is Playing On The Piano? It Must Be A Good One!

Who never loves the soothing music especially when it is coming from a piano? I know of wonderful piano players in the music world who have left us and others who are still alive, but never had I seen a performance like this before.

It is amazing to know that the dog’s ability is limitless like what we witness in the clip below. The footage starts with two dogs, possibly a male and a female who get on to the piano. They take their positions and look at the piece of music they are about to play. One of the pup presses the keys of the piano and surrender to perform the duet they had planned for reasons better known to him, while the other pup is left to carry out the show on himself.

One glance at the music to be played and he starts on high notes! He does play the piano with professionalism that left me wondering how a pup can be able to do this while I myself can’t even press the d, r, m, f, s, l, t, d keys well.

You need to see this performance for yourself, the way he looks at the guiding piece then plays, looks at it again then plays again. So wonderful!

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