Why You Really Need To Leave Service Dogs To Their Tools. This Is All True!

It’s perfectly understandable. Most people love petting dogs, but there’s something everyone really needs to know. It’s about those service dogs that do their jobs in public. Get very attentive here!

You see, every service dog has the noble task of taking care of the needy person that they’ve been assigned to, and distracting that animal from its primary commitment could prove dangerous to that person.

Okay, let’s break it down a little better. Imagine someone petting a service dog public while their human is sliding away into traffic in a wheelchair. Doesn’t sound cool, doesn’t it? Exactly!

So next time you see a service dog going about its duties in public, just stay away and give the animal some good space to concentrate on the job. It’s better that way. In fact, you’ll realize that some service dogs trained to protect their humans could put you in a dangerous situation if you try to disturb them. Mind that too!

In this video, this lady is laying down the facts for you. She tells just why you need to respect the dog’s space, and you’re going to nod to all her points. Cool!

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