Woman And Her Dog Take The Stage And Leave Everyone Jaw-Dropped. So Adorable!

Every season of Britain’s Got Talent, many competitors take the stage with the aim of winning. The previous edition was not any different since it had a number of moments that stole the show.

Towards the end of the competition, Jules O’Dwyer took the stage accompanied by her amazing dog named Matisse and surprised everyone. Jules was playing the role of a rigid police officer and her dog played the role of a ‘sausage-thief.’On top of a perfectly choreographed routine, there was a lot into their performance to bring out the funny side of their performance.

Apart from the £250,000 which they won, Matisse and Jules have got the golden chance of being invited by the Royal Variety Performance. They garnered around 5 million votes which were enough to make them the competition’s eventual winners.

Don’t you think their performance has harnessed a lot of creativity to make them the deserved winners? Did you enjoy watching the two perform their adorable routine? Please let us know your thoughts about their performance and don’t forget to show them appreciation by SHARING the video with all your friends and family on social media!

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