You Won’t Believe What This 3-Legged Pit Bull Does… So Touching!

Animals have never stopped to surprise us from time to time and that’s what the pit bull you’re about to meet is doing. Despite being three-legged, it has taken the responsibility of caring for orphaned kittens. Bella, as they call the pit bull, has all a foster parent needs to have. She’s so caring and willingly cozies up and cleans the little kittens even though they’re from a different species.

The story is more touching since Bella has 3 legs but that does not make her shy away from taking the responsibility of loving the little ones. Surely, love is something that is unaware of boundaries. She has natural parenting instincts and nothing is going to stop her from being compassionate.

The society has normally reviewed pit bulls in a negative manner but this pit bull is trying to change that mentality. I like it when the kittens try to pay her back for the love by licking her ears. I hope you will no longer judge different creatures from today onward.

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