You’ll Love This Little One’s Reaction When He Sees His Caregiver. Real Emotions!

You’ll agree that few moments are as fulfilling as getting to feel loved by someone who appreciates your presence and what you do for them. It’s the same feeling you get every time your pet looks at you with love. Now, what of the animals and birds in the zoos? Do they love their caregivers too? How do they express their affection to those around them? You’re about to find out something about penguins!

You see this little one in this clip? It’s a penguin named Cookie. Cookie is cute and sweet in all measures, but that’s beside the point. Cookie has this one human that he keeps very close to his heart. He loves his caregiver, and he always wants to be with her. So when he finds out that he can’t see her, he goes out on a mission to get to her and shower with some love. In the video, you accompany Cookie in his journey to his caregiver, and when he finally reaches his desired destination, it’s all love and sparks. You should hear him say it!

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